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        Are also superstitious import accessories do? United States simulation jewelry found lead exceeded 30 times
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        Many people think, imported foreign simulation accessories, such as necklace and bracelet, the quality must be trustworthy. But it is not the case. In recent years, nanjing inspection and quarantine in import simulation jewelry again detection of heavy metal exceeds bid badly, and this time, is from the United States alloy necklace, bracelet.

        The simulation jewelry lead paint 30 times

        Recently, nanjing, inspection and quarantine bureau of nanjing some enterprise imports from the United States a number of metal necklace, bracelet, after testing found that the necklace in this batch of products with dangerous levels of lead in the 30260 mg/kg, and the regulation of set limit to is less than 1000 mg/kg, there is no doubt that lead paint more than 30 times, belongs to dangerous levels.

        Inspection and quarantine bureau of nanjing Yuan Chunbei director, told reporters that due to the simulation accessories contact with the skin of human body, is closely related to human health, has received extensive attention of consumers at home and abroad in recent years. "Since January 1, 2011 be included in the product catalog import technique in our country, by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on the inspection regulation." Once in China, every batch of sampling. For example the same batch, the same material of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, drawing, if it is two kinds of different material, drawing two paragraphs. "According to introducing, test center staff after checking these act the role ofing is tasted, will first soaking with specific potion to act the role ofing is tasted, after reaching a certain time, with the instrument analysis.

        Simulation jewelry materials on the market at present various, metal, metal alloy, plastic, plants, and so on. One of metal materials simulation jewelry in the lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, mercury, arsenic and other elements are major heavy metal element that endanger human body health, and focus on the object of inspection and quarantine department.

        Once found to overweight Korea necklace that is hundreds of times

        At present, the inspection and quarantine bureau of nanjing to the goods is not qualified to judge, and have been made by the enterprise to carry the goods successfully. In fact, this is not the nanjing first found to import simulation jewelry heavy metal exceeds bid. Yuan Chunbei director, said in 2014, 2013, from South Korea and China's Taiwan region were found to simulation jewelry lead, chromium to exceed bid. One of South Korea to an alloy necklace, heavy metal exceeds bid up to hundreds.

        Why the simulation jewelry heavy metal exceeds bid will be harmful to human body? Originally, the simulation in the process of wear ornaments, harmful heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, nickel, likely with perspiration dissolution, absorbed through the skin into the body, long-term exposure can cause damage. Lead, cadmium and nickel release a quantity to exceed bid, many reason is that manufacturing enterprises to reduce the manufacturing cost, high content of harmful elements in inferior metal or abuse scrap metal as raw materials.

        The reporter understands, this time the simulation accessories, is a trademark, is a not well-known brand, and the last is hundreds of times excessive South Korea adorn article, no brand. Director, said the yuan would not rule out these imported unqualified commodity, is similar to the "mix" of domestic small factory production. So don't be too superstitious imported accessories.

        Learned, like this batch of simulation jewelry from the United States, about 60, the price of imported from abroad is accumulated more than $1000, actually worthwhile to a single adorn article also hundreds of yuan, but once in the domestic, it may be worth, can sell hundreds or even thousands of yuan, so for foreign adorn article, also need not too superstitious.

        Because there is no instrument to the naked eye it's hard to tell, so consumer buying the simulation accessories, it is best to normal bazaar, or choose a well-known brand. The reporter Jing Yang

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