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        Four aspects of the evaluation of the value of crystal jewelry
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        Natural crystal value evaluation standard and in the identification of true and false, is related to the realization of the value of crystal. Therefore, people have attached great importance to evaluation and the value of true and false identification of crystal.

        Evaluation of crystal act the role ofing is tasted value of four aspects:

        1. Quantity. Scarcity value, the higher the number, the less value. Colorless crystals and crystal smoke more, topaz and less amethyst, hair crystal inclusions crystal is less;

        2. Clarity. A crystal ball, jewelry, such as a very pure, ornamental crystal demands have inclusions;

        3. The inclusions. Crystal inclusions is the inclusion of more complete, clear image, colour is gorgeous, implication, the more perfect;

        4. Process. Modelling for proportion coordination, priorities, image lifelike, polishing brightness, requires no scratch the whole arts and crafts.

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