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        Gold jewelry 240 yuan per gram did not trigger a gold rush
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        Down and down... Gold being angry citizens recently. This past July, the international gold prices continued to fall, lead to domestic act the role ofing gold prices also fell. Yesterday, the reporter visited the city mall and jewelry store, this round of price declines, jewelry and investment gold prices significantly, but did not set off "rob gold" boom again.

        Yesterday, the reporter understands from t mouth area of several gold, pure gold now price is 278 yuan per gram, compared with July, down 20 yuan per gram. Notable is, gold jewelry prices seem to have led to platinum prices fell. In mid-july, platinum jewelry prices for 348 yuan/grams, now a platinum prices have fallen to 308 yuan per gram. At the same time, the reporter also learned that chow tai fook, old phoenix brand jewelry of gold also drops, gold dropped to 288 yuan per gram. , prices are relatively low or department, Beijing hualian supermarket gold counters, lowest price of only 240 yuan per gram. Subsequently, the reporter also came to the industrial and commercial bank of bank of communications and precious metals counters. In July, according to the bank staff investment gold plus the process cost price in ?

        The reporter understands, along with the dramatic ups and downs of the international gold prices in recent years after the "four times" crazy and "two times" after the downturn of the citizens for gold investment enthusiasm obviously decrease a lot. According to jewelry sales staff in one hundred, the first two years in gold prices, will attract a large number of customers buying, but this year we light a lot, the price is also difficult to cause "rob gold" boom. "Most of them are buying wedding gold or ordinary jewelry of gold, rarely have a large number of purchasing stock up customers."

        Reporter recalled, in April 2013, gold prices fell for the first time in major cities store instantaneous swept by people, and "aunt" China at that time because of "rob gold" fame, hit the headlines in the media. The personage inside course of study says, in April 2013, estimates of the number of citizens to buy gold to now have failed to throw their "stock up" to go out, because the gold price is lower than the selling price, so investors want to back to this, at least to wait for the gold price rose to more than 360 yuan per gram.

        The gold rush, Ms. Wang is one of them. She, like many others, buying a lot of gold jewelry and investment gold bars. "Before gold peak is 400 yuan per gram, dropped to 300 yuan at the time when I feel it's a good deal, so he bought some as an investment." Ms. Wang said she planned to gold prices rose up again after selling, such as has not wait for gold prices to rise. "Now sold is deficient, after I left the daughter to do dowry."

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