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        Yiwu released gold jewelry industry, a yellow warning"
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        On August 3, yiwu market supervision bureau collective interview gold jewelry industry enterprises, the site posted gold jewelry industry is illegal behavior level of yellow alert.

        In the first half of this year, yiwu market regulator for gold jewelry industry concentration regulation, dealt with the illegal behavior of 25 gold jewelry enterprises, seized international well-known trademark has been infringed 206 other gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry 120, involving a value of 19. 720000 yuan, fines of up to 35. 050000 yuan. From the point of the case of seizure, mainly concentrated in unlicensed, trademark infringement, unfair competition, shoddy, four types of illegal. According to the spread of illegal behavior trend, yiwu market regulators is illegal behavior can be divided into three levels, namely the primary yellow warning, secondary orange alert and tertiary red alert. "Easy classification warning issued is illegal in one of the main measures under the new situation, innovate ideas, is also building enterprise autonomy, self-discipline, social ?

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